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Our Services

American Tax Consulting specialises in helping individuals with their US personal tax affairs.

Key services include:

  • Preparing US personal tax returns and advising of the associated tax refund / payment
  • Assisting individuals bring their US taxes up to date including utilising any penalty free schemes currently operating by IRS
  • Advising individuals of the US tax consequences of moving to or from the US
  • Advising the US tax implications of international assignments, and the tax compliance requirements for global employers and their international assignees
  • Advising individuals who are considering giving up their US citizenship on the US tax implications
  • Advising individuals of the US tax consequences of owning US property / assets (even where they are not are not US citizens / residents or Greencard holders)
  • Assisting individuals plan pension withdrawals including 401K, IRA and Kiwisaver
  • Assisting individuals with will and estate planning
  • Preparing US Company and Trust forms
  • Preparing Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBARs) form Fin Cen 114
  • Advising on potential late filing or late tax penalties, or charging of use of money interest
  • Working with other professional advisers to offer a smooth and joined-up service, ensuring that individuals are fully compliant and maximising their worldwide tax position.

We are happy to discuss your tax needs and provide you with a fee quote for our services.